Working with Other Woman Has Been Really Enjoyable

I wanted to find a job that would entail mostly working with other women and management would be fine with me working there while I was pregnant. I found exactly what I wanted by applying to work at a company that offers regular cleaning services in Singapore to local residents. I ended up loving my job with that company so much that I have now been there for 10 years and have become a manager as well. I am pretty thankful for the owner giving me a chance so many years ago when I needed a job so that I could help myself take care of my new baby that was born just 8 months after I started with the company.

I remember my parents telling me that females who have kids without being married can often find themselves alone at some point. I had been dating my boyfriend for two years, and having kids was not something that was on either of our minds. So, when I learned that I was going to have a baby, I was very surprised. I could hear my parents telling me that I could end up alone as a single mother. I told myself to stop thinking about it because I knew that my boyfriend loved me. Well, he did love me, but he did not like the thought of staying with me to raise our baby, so he left me.

I knew that many companies do not appreciate hiring women who are newly pregnant and will soon be taking time off after having a baby. So, my plan was to try to find a company that employs mostly women. I felt that maybe that I would have a better chance of getting hired on if I did that. It worked, and I have loved working there for years now.