Working out What We Can Afford on the Budget

We have finally got the house, after a long trial of endurance with the seller. He was convinced that he could talk us into paying his asking price. We loved the location of the house, but it needs a lot of work and we simply could not swing what he wanted us to pay for this place. Of course after we pay the down payment we have to have money left over for the other things that we need. For the house we have home owner’s insurance, the monthly bills for ADT security, cable television and the internet along with the cost of maintaining the house and eventually fixing all of the little things and big things that it needs to have done to it. Of course we can live without cable TV for as long as we need to and that is the plan right now. We figure that we can make do without it for as long as we have to. I like the home security system that the previous owner installed and he had a contract with ADT which does not expire for some time. I am thinking that we are more or less responsible for it until the end of the contract, but I am not sure how that works or not. I guess it depends on what is in the agreement which we signed when we bought the house. It is one of the nice modern systems which works via a smart phone app. That is pretty awesome, but I really wonder if it does not introduce an element of vulnerability. You have to wonder if the thing can not be hacked into and a smart person might not figure out how to get past it. It is not likely that the average thief could do that however.