What Do You Do when Your Daughter Wants a Pet Rat?

Our daughter wanted a pet. I thought she was going to ask for a puppy. Instead, she said she wanted a rat. Really? I mean, I was surprised to say the least. I am not afraid of them. I think they are kind of neat actually. I was not so sure how my wife would feel. She can appreciate them, but I was not so convinced she would want one in the house. I told our daughter that she had to learn everything she could about rats. For some facts about rats, I showed her she could find it here at a website that puts things in plain language. I learned a bit myself.

The next thing was that she had to begin to build a habitat for her pet rat. This included all the things it would need to live. We bought her some things, and she used her allowance for some other things. Her interest did not diminish, so she was really happy to go to the pet store and pick out a rat. Of course she had to pick out the biggest rat I have ever seen. It turns out, though, that he is kind of a cool pet. You can actually interact with him. I’m used to dogs where they will play and want to hang around you. I did not think a rat would be capable of that.

The only thing I’m worried about is the lifespan of rats. I am not looking forward to the day our daughter will have to say goodbye to her friend. My wife and I both know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. Still, how can you pass up such a rewarding experience? Just like any dad, I want to protect our little girl from all harm. I was worried about bites and everything. Now I think the critter is kind of cool to have around.