We Were Looking Forward to Our Move to Georgia

We were moving to Georgia for lots of reasons. The work my wife and I do was there, and they have much milder winters than what we grew up with. We have vacationed in Georgia, and we like the state a whole lot. We considered moving farther south, but Georgia seemed like a better fit for us. We were definitely upgrading the kind of apartment we lived in, so we started looking online for two bedroom apartments with at least 1.5 baths that allowed us to bring our dogs. I found one place at http://www.ashfordretreat.com that seemed to fit the bill nicely. They even have a lake with a fountain for a nice view from the apartment.

It was not going to be long when a new addition to our family would be born, and she would have a very nice outdoor play area at the Ashford Retreat apartment homes too. The living room of the place we leased is very big. The closets are big and the kitchen has granite countertops and black appliances. Our master bedroom has room for our king size bed with plenty of room left over for the dresser, night stands and chest of drawers without feeling cramped. We could barely squeeze around the bed in our old place. This is much more open and spacious.

I like the lake view, and maintenance really keeps the landscaping outdoors looking great. I did not know that apartment living could be this nice. Another really nice benefit is the big swimming pool that is kept very clean. The pool at our old apartment was more of an afterthought that had green water on more than one occasion. This place at Ashford Retreat is classy and well kept. The rent is affordable, and they even offer short term leasing. We did not need that and signed for a year right off the bat.