We Should Be Open in a Month

I have been up for almost an entire day right now, the place that does cleaning services for Singapore showed up here bright and early and they helped us get the place ready so that we can work for it to get ready. They are going to have to hire someone to haul off all of the debris and that is going to be next week. Right now we are taking it all out back and piling it up. I am thinking about renting a front end loader to pick it up. Of course there is a loading dock out back and right now I could drive one of them right in the place. Some of the debris is actually valuable in some way, scrap metal. There is enough of it that I am sorting it out and I figure that we can sell it and perhaps I shall keep the money myself.

The thing that we need to do next is to completely pull out the wiring and replace it, which is obvious when you look at the thing. It is going to be a shock to the electricians when they see the wiring that we found after we started to examine the building. Of course the location is what we were interested in and we knew all along that we were going to have all sorts of trouble with this place. It is not as though we did not know it was going to be a big chore and of course they knew that they were going to give it all to me and let me handle all of it. That is just how it is and the only thing new is that this one is on a really tight schedule and it may well be too ambitious.