Urban Anonymity Calls for Home Alarm Systems

When you live close to or in a city, you think a lot more about crime than you would if you lived in a rural farming community. It is just common knowledge that more crimes happen in the city. When I was a young child, we did not even lock our doors where we lived. However, I remember visiting my aunt in the city, and she always locked her doors. We got ADT in Memphis when we moved into a more densely populated area. It was pretty much a given. Our neighbors change much more frequently, and I see many people every day that I do not know. I never had much of that growing up. I knew everyone and they knew me.

It’s okay to be strangers in a city. However, the downside is that it allows the criminal element to hide in plain sight. Anyone that would have gone poking around back where I grew up would have been stopped and questioned by a concerned neighbor. They might have gotten a “Hey stranger,” but they would definitely have been scrutinized. Close to and in the city, people are pretty much anonymous. They go about the day pretty much unnoticed. This is exactly what criminals want. The desire to be able to blend in and not be noticed.

Our alarm system that we got at home is a huge deterrent to that type of criminal element that wants to ply the trade of being a thief and go unnoticed. Rather than risk having the police show up when they try to ply their trade at a house with an alarm system, they choose ones that are not protected by alarm systems. They cannot hide and go unnoticed when a home is protected by alarms and cameras. This is why we got an alarm system for our home.