The Positive Effects of Hip Hop on Modern Society

Hip hop has been a subculture that has affected our streets since the 1970s. It first started as a movement on the streets of New York City, more specifically, the Bronx area. Hip hop is most often associated with music, DJs and breakdancing. This article will discuss the ways that hip hop affects our modern society in a positive manner.

Meanwhile, some aspects of hip hop are hard to deem positive, there is always the artistic means behind it. The people who perform hip hop music and are deemed underground talents, they promote a form of art. Some people may not see the beauty behind such music, but hip hop can be provocative and soulful at the same time.

Hip hop is often used to spread deep meaning messages to the world. When there is something important such as gangs, violence or global political issues, hip hop music offers the platform to let the world know. Much like picket signing against things we don’t believe in, hip hop takes a stab at “in your face” issues that need to be addressed.

In many forms, hip hop subculture has kept gangs, drugs and violence off of the streets. In past decades, breakdancing has been used as a means to channel anger without using fist fights or other forms of violence.

When hip hop isn’t portraying a deeper meaning or insightful dilemmas, it is just a means to blow off steam and listen to great music. Clubs in NYC and other popular cities, often promote DJs and hip hop musicians to get a solid party going.

There are so many ways that the hip hop subculture has evolved since its heyday in the 70s. Meanwhile, not always positive, hip hop offers a means to convey deep messages and hosts a fun party when you need it.