The Home of Great Music

My friend and I would get together in our parents garages to play in our band. We’ve been a band for two years, and in the winter, we’re going to be releasing our first song. Our parents couldn’t stand it when we played our instruments, because we were always too loud for them. They told us that if we wanted to keep staying with them, we would have to stop playing. Tired of their rules about our instruments, we looked for apartments for rent in Jackson MS so that we would have our own place to make music.

Once we found the right apartment, our parents helped us pack up our things and move. They were so happy to have peace and quiet since we wouldn’t be around to make noise. Although they won’t say it, I think they will miss our instruments. After all, they’re the ones who bought them for us, so they knew what they were getting themselves into with each purchase. My electric guitar can be easily moved by putting it in a storage case. My friends who have the drum pads and keyboard can pack their things away with ease as well.

In our apartment, we were able to play the instruments whenever we wanted and as loud as we wanted, but we had a revelation. We figured that it would probably be nicer for everyone else if we found some kind of way to make things quieter for the other residents. Since our instruments were electric, we just turned to a classic solution in the form of headphones. Sure it’s not the same as playing at full blast in front of a crowd of people, but no one makes as much of a peep about our playing, and we can go from sun down to sun up.