Started to Look at a Place Near Smith Mountain Lake

I do not know if you have ever fished around Smith Mountain Lake, but there is another lake below it called Leesville Lake. The land around it is not as valuable as the land around the big lake, because they let the level go up and down a lot more. So people can not really build a place on the lake and have the lake stay in the same relative position to it. I did find this bit of farm land there. It has a trailer on it now and the trailer has satellite tv. Of course I am not interested in the trailer as a permanent thing, but as a place to use as a base for fishing expeditions it is quite good. Of course it is going to be Spring pretty soon and I go up to the mountain to try to get the Striped bass when they spawn in Cedar Key.

That can be quite amazing when it happens if you happen to be in there when it happens. It is like the water is boiling from all of the stripers spawning at once. Of course that means that the females are laying their eggs and the males are fertilizing them with their sperm. After they get done the top of the lake can be coasted with a milky white film. At any rate you want to be up there when the action is hot. They spawn up the river too, but that is a much bigger area. It would be a lot easier to fish in Cedar Key if you had a place that was close by. However it is really expensive to get a decent piece of land in that part of the area. You can rent obviously, but I would not mind getting my own place.