Say Goodbye to the Old Way of Doing Nail Polish

When I tried my first gel manicure in Singapore, I thought this novel way of making your nails look amazing was something unique to Asia. It was only after I did a lot more research online that I found this is a new way of doing your nails that is sweeping the globe. Who invented this technique and how did they even think of doing something like this in the first place? I didn’t find those answers, but what I did find guarantees I’ll never go back to using acrylics again. I’m in it to win it with the gel manicures.

I never really liked using acrylic polish anyway because I always had a bad reaction to the smell. I’d be halfway through doing my nails and a pounding headache would start up and would last the better part of a day. Then the smell of the polish remover was enough to make me sick all over again. I hated it so much that I’d rarely do up my nails. It just wasn’t worth the hassle of smelling that stuff. Then there’s the fact that the polish chips and dulls in a matter of days. It’s just a pain.

But with gel the polish lasts for what feels like forever. My nails look as good two weeks later as they did right when I got the gel applied. You simply can’t beat that sort of longevity when it comes to cosmetics. The gel lasts so long that sometimes you can actually see new nail growing near the cuticle! That’s how long it lasts. Even that problem isn’t much of a problem to cover over, though. Like I said I’m never going back to the old way of doing it and I look forward to trying lots of different nail designs with the gel in the future!