Palisades Has Everything Going for It

I am not super picky about where I live, but I do want it to be nice. That really is not a problem nowadays, especially in larger cities, because there are so many newer apartment developments and complexes. They know the only way they are going to get people to live in them is if they offer something really nice that beats out the competition. Because of that, I decided to look at an apartment close to my new job. Click here to look at the features and floor plans, so I did.

I was really impressed with everything that I saw. I am not a very social person, but I do enjoy hanging out at the pool and working out, so I was pleased to see that the pool and fitness center were not just the run of the mill varieties. Both are exceptional, and I knew that I would have a good time using both. I also liked that the location is only a few miles from where I work. I do have to go into D.C. at times, but I am not brave enough to handle that traffic on my own.

On those days, I can just take a walk down to the train station, and I can be in D.C. relatively fast. The layout of the apartments is really nice too, and I knew that I would be happy in any of them. I ended up leasing the largest one bedroom unit, not because of the sheer size of it but because I just really liked how the different rooms are laid out. It helps that I have a nice sized balcony too! There is so much going for this place, and I can honestly say that the competition has their work cut out for them to be able to compete with what Palisades has to offer.