Hip Hop Artists That Are Underground

UNDERGROUND GOSSIPWhen searching for information about the different hip hop groups across the world, I came across a website that has information about some of the upcoming underground hip hop artists. I knew that there were quite a few undiscovered talents out there and this site was pretty great about putting them all in one place for me to find.

I spent some time listening and learning a bit about these artists. I found people of all ages that have some really great talent just waiting to be discovered by a recording studio. I had to show my sister what I had found. I sent a link to the site to her so she could check it out. Continue reading Hip Hop Artists That Are Underground

The Positive Effects of Hip Hop on Modern Society

Hip hop has been a subculture that has affected our streets since the 1970s. It first started as a movement on the streets of New York City, more specifically, the Bronx area. Hip hop is most often associated with music, DJs and breakdancing. This article will discuss the ways that hip hop affects our modern society in a positive manner.

Meanwhile, some aspects of hip hop are hard to deem positive, there is always the artistic means behind it. The people who perform hip hop music and are deemed underground talents, they promote a form of art. Some people may not see the beauty behind such music, but hip hop can be provocative and soulful at the same time.

Hip hop is often used to spread deep meaning messages to the world. When there is something important such as gangs, violence or global political issues, hip hop music offers the platform to let the world know. Continue reading The Positive Effects of Hip Hop on Modern Society