Love, a New Apartment and a 22-Acre Lake!

I like the outdoors. That is where I met my wife. She was hiking with her dog on a trail I was on with my dog. Usually, a woman would be leery of meeting a guy on a hiking trail, but it was my dog that was the perfect wing man in this situation even though my dog is a she. Daisy hit it off with Brutus, her dog, right away. A few months later, we are looking for apartments for Wichita KS to rent as soon as we got married.

Our families were not too keen on us getting married so soon after meeting. However, how could we not get married? We both were in the same line of work, which is geology. We both liked all things outdoors including fishing. Also, it was like the Twin Lakes apartments were made specifically for us. Continue reading Love, a New Apartment and a 22-Acre Lake!

I Did Not Want to Live in a House Anymore

When my husband passed away two years ago, I just figured i would stay in our house. I could afford it because he made sure I was taken care of with a life insurance policy. I realized I did not like living there on my own. People thought it was the memories, but I actually took comfort in those. I just did not like all the work that is associated with living in a house. That is why I started looking at apartments and finally was satisfied when I looked at

It is not that I am lazy, but I am also not cut out for yard work and small repairs. Continue reading I Did Not Want to Live in a House Anymore

Palisades Has Everything Going for It

I am not super picky about where I live, but I do want it to be nice. That really is not a problem nowadays, especially in larger cities, because there are so many newer apartment developments and complexes. They know the only way they are going to get people to live in them is if they offer something really nice that beats out the competition. Because of that, I decided to look at an apartment close to my new job. Click here to look at the features and floor plans, so I did.

I was really impressed with everything that I saw. I am not a very social person, but I do enjoy hanging out at the pool and working out, so I was pleased to see that the pool and fitness center were not just the run of the mill varieties. Continue reading Palisades Has Everything Going for It

Finding an Apartment Close to the Airport in Charlotte

I’m a flight attendant for a major airline based out of Charlotte, NC. I live in Baltimore and have been commuting to work for the last several months and it’s beginning to take a toll on me. I’m not the only one in this boat. It seems that the majority of flight attendants commute long distances to work. When we only have a day off in between flights we’re staying in hotels. Several of us have decided to go together and rent an apartment that we can all use so we started looking for apartments for rent in South Charlotte.

Close proximity to Charlotte Douglas International Airport is an absolute must. Continue reading Finding an Apartment Close to the Airport in Charlotte

A Gorgeous House with a Beautiful View

After looking at quite a few rentals, I finally knew that I wanted to focus just one the Kona luxury rentals that I had seen. The location is absolutely perfect for a family holiday, and I knew that either of the two houses would be amazing for all of us to stay in. When I say all of us, I mean my wife and I along with our two kids, my brother and his wife and their two kids, and my sister and her husband who do not have any kids yet.

We only need five bedrooms even though there are three couples and four children because my daughter and my brother’s daughter want to room together, and our sons want to room together as well. Continue reading A Gorgeous House with a Beautiful View

Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment Community

After driving around town and searching for an apartment for the past month, I decided to focus my efforts online. My schedule is really tight, and so I don’t have a lot of time to search for a new home. One day I was checking my email, and I saw an ad for some new apartment homes in a town near my current home. The ad I saw told me to click here for a move in special. I was intrigued so I did as instructed. I was taken to a page that told me all about what would become my future home.

What immediately caught my attention was the fact that this location is pet friendly. I have a cat, and finding an apartment that accepts pets has been a challenge for me. That’s why I was ecstatic when I learned that this place allows cats. Continue reading Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment Community

Apartment Hunting with My Parents

My parents graciously offered to help me find a new apartment when I told them that my current apartment was working out for me. They helped me through the first time, so was very thankful that they agreed to do it again. I had simply outgrown the space that I was living in, and needed to find a larger apartment. I found one location that really stood out to me as being a great opportunity. I invited my parents over, and we took a look at the community website for more information.

My mom was really impressed with what I found. She loved the look and feel of the community, and she was happy to see that there were so many amenities offered. I think that her favorite feature would have to be the fireplace available in select units. I’ve always wanted to have a fireplace, and I am excited about having one in my new apartment. Continue reading Apartment Hunting with My Parents

We Were Looking Forward to Our Move to Georgia

We were moving to Georgia for lots of reasons. The work my wife and I do was there, and they have much milder winters than what we grew up with. We have vacationed in Georgia, and we like the state a whole lot. We considered moving farther south, but Georgia seemed like a better fit for us. We were definitely upgrading the kind of apartment we lived in, so we started looking online for two bedroom apartments with at least 1.5 baths that allowed us to bring our dogs. I found one place at that seemed to fit the bill nicely. They even have a lake with a fountain for a nice view from the apartment.

It was not going to be long when a new addition to our family would be born, and she would have a very nice outdoor play area at the Ashford Retreat apartment homes too. The living room of the place we leased is very big. Continue reading We Were Looking Forward to Our Move to Georgia

How an Expert in Healthcare Marketing Can Help Your Practice

Your patients asked you why your practice did not have a website. So, you got a website. Then they asked you why nothing was ever updated on your website. So, you tried to write some interesting articles for your domain. This worked for about a month, then the website languished in the land of no content again. The Internet is no place for a static website any more. You need to keep your customers engaged. Not only do you want them to visit your website for healthcare questions, you want to take advantage of social media. A healthcare marketing expert can take care of all the details of providing weekly fresh content for your website and social media accounts related to your practice, but you need one that has experience in the medical field if you are going to do it right.

The goal should be to have content updated on your website a few times a week or more, and your social media accounts should have at least daily updates, posts, tweets or whatever. It may be hard to see yourself and your practice as a brand, but that is exactly what you are. You do not want some slick pro coming along and grabbing your market share just because he has a healthcare marketing expert that he uses to have a better web and social media presence.

People go to the Internet now to find practices like yours. They no longer look in the phone book. They might see your ad on TV, hear it on the radio or see it in the paper. However, when they want a practice that provides your specialty, they will be sizing you up based on your web and social media presence. You can take advantage of this to build your practice by hiring an expert at healthcare marketing.

I Presented Our Texas Electricity Rates and Facts for Switching to My Stubborn Neighbor

My neighbor said he would never switch his electricity provider. I asked him why. He said that he trusted his provider. I told him that I trusted them too. They billed me for electricity for 30 years at our house and never made a mistake. However as far as Texas electricity rates go, they cost me more. I finally got wise and shopped around for a lower rate. Then he said that the fine print of switching was too difficult. I told him that it really is pretty easy once you sit down for five minutes to read it.

I explained that electricity is charged to you based on a per kilowatt hour rate. That usually is just a few cents per kilowatt hour. However, every home uses enough of them to add up pretty quick. Just burning one 100 watt bulb a few hours a day is going to rack up your bill. Imagine what an air conditioner, furnace or other appliance would do to your bill. I explained that you can do things such as switching to LED bulbs, letting your house get warmer in the summer and colder in the winter to save money on electricity. Continue reading I Presented Our Texas Electricity Rates and Facts for Switching to My Stubborn Neighbor

A Car Accident Changed My Life

I had no idea I would have to hire a car accident attorney in Sacramento after being involved in a pretty bad accident. I thought insurance companies were there to take care of the victims, but I learned that they are there to make sure they get the better deal during a settlement offer. I was in a medically induced coma for five days because the pain was just too much for me to take. The doctors said that this would allow my body to rest, and it would not cause even further stress if I had been awake and had to endure everything while conscious.

My wife told me that she thought those were the longest days of her life, but then she changed her mind on the day they brought me out of it. Continue reading A Car Accident Changed My Life

A Temporary but Very Nice Apartment

Starting over is never easy, but I found out that it does not always have to be hard either. My wife and I are actually very blessed because we were not home when our house caught on fire. We had our twin sons and their dog with us on an outing, so we did not lose anyone, which is the biggest blessing of all. It did mean we had to look at apartments for rent in Rio Rancho quickly though because it was just too inconvenient for us to live in the hotel that our insurance company was paying for.

We definitely wanted another house one day, but we were not going to rush into buying one without taking our time looking at everything. Faulty wiring was the cause of the fire where we had lived, so we were even considering building from the ground up so we knew everything would be right. We still needed a place to live temporarily though, which is why we decided to look at apartments. Continue reading A Temporary but Very Nice Apartment

Drinking Weight Loss Shakes for Lunch

I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I know that losing weight comes down to putting fewer calories into your body. If you consume too many calories, and you don’t do enough exercise to burn off those calories, you will gain weight. If you exercise a lot, and you control the number of calories you consume, that will lead to weight loss. The problem is, it’s often difficult to control the amount of food you put in your body. I absolutely love food, and I have found the best weight loss shakes for me. Even though I really love food, these are just as good.

For someone who loves going out to eat with friends, I thought making the switch to weight loss shakes would be difficult. I really enjoy socializing with my friends and hanging out, and I was afraid that I would have to stop doing that. It turns out that I can still make time to hang out with my friends and lose weight. Continue reading Drinking Weight Loss Shakes for Lunch

I Survive a Car Crash

After a much needed trip to a Chandler car accident chiropractor, I’m feeling a lot better. The reason that I needed the chiropractor is because I was in a terrible accident that I shouldn’t have survived. I was driving home from work like I normally do in the evening when my car was stuck by a drunk driver. The driver had come from a local bar and had one too many drinks. My car was totalled, but I miraculously survived with only a painful back injury. The other driver was rushed to the hospital and placed in critical condition, but now he is stable and recovering.

The moment the other car hit my car was one of the scariest moments of my life. The car came out of nowhere, and I was too shocked to react in time. If the other driver had been going a little bit faster, or maybe struck my car from a different angle, then both of us might have died in the crash. The accident really made me think about the things I’ve never been able to do in my life, and all of the people that I would leave behind if something happened to me.

The chiropractor gave me a back brace to use while my back went through the healing process. Given how bad the accident was, I thought surgery might have been necessary, but thankfully I don’t need it. As for the driver, he has multiple broken bones that need to heal and months of physical therapy. I haven’t gone to see him in the hospital since the accident, and I wouldn’t know what to say to him if I did. I know he didn’t intentionally set out to cause an accident, but what he did was irresponsible and nearly cost both of us our lives.

Who You Should Pursue for Damages if Involved in an Automobile Accident

Drivers are getting crazier. How many times this week have you been behind someone who thinks the highway exclusively belongs to them? How many times have you been cut off, pulled out in front of, had a near miss or even had an incident of mild to moderate road rage? Rather than being an exception, it seems bad driving is now a rule. I had a driver pull out in front of me when I was so close that I had to slam on the brakes. The driver got mad at me! I can see why Sacramento auto injury attorney firms can be doing a good business. Continue reading Who You Should Pursue for Damages if Involved in an Automobile Accident

What Do You Do when Your Daughter Wants a Pet Rat?

Our daughter wanted a pet. I thought she was going to ask for a puppy. Instead, she said she wanted a rat. Really? I mean, I was surprised to say the least. I am not afraid of them. I think they are kind of neat actually. I was not so sure how my wife would feel. She can appreciate them, but I was not so convinced she would want one in the house. I told our daughter that she had to learn everything she could about rats. For some facts about rats, I showed her she could find it here at a website that puts things in plain language. I learned a bit myself. Continue reading What Do You Do when Your Daughter Wants a Pet Rat?

Just when I Was About to Give Up

This website helped me when I was about to give up on finding a good deal on cable television Who knew how expensive cable television could be. When we moved from one job to another we decided to look up the prices of cable television. My job was relocating me to Kansas and I thought maybe I might get better reception with cable TV over satellite TV.

The last three years I had satellite television and normally it worked out okay, that is until it would rain, and then I would lose all reception. I would be in the middle of my favorite show or movie and a small rain storm would come around and in fact it didn’t even have to be where I lived. As long as the rain was nearby I would lose the picture. Plus another thing that always bothered me was you could only record two shows and one time and one of those shows you had to be watching. I had heard cable television was far more advanced in the DVR’s and I could record up to four shows and watch a fifth one. Continue reading Just when I Was About to Give Up

Started to Look at a Place Near Smith Mountain Lake

I do not know if you have ever fished around Smith Mountain Lake, but there is another lake below it called Leesville Lake. The land around it is not as valuable as the land around the big lake, because they let the level go up and down a lot more. So people can not really build a place on the lake and have the lake stay in the same relative position to it. I did find this bit of farm land there. It has a trailer on it now and the trailer has satellite tv. Of course I am not interested in the trailer as a permanent thing, but as a place to use as a base for fishing expeditions it is quite good. Continue reading Started to Look at a Place Near Smith Mountain Lake

Are We Getting Healthy or Investing in Marketing?

The organic movement was born out of the discontent that farmers experienced in the early 1900’s toward the industrialization of agriculture and what they saw as a disruption to their way of life. Many farmers found themselves refusing to switch over to synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, instead opting to continue to encourage a rich biodiversity on their land. Even more refused to swap from their system of growing many crops to a simpler, new method; monoculture farming. It’s because of these farmers and their supporters that we’re able to purchase organic produce from this organic shop in Singapore. Farmers all around the world have pushed back against this ‘new’ system.

An issue does arise for the consumer when they’re shopping for ‘organic’ produce or products. In the United States, European Union, Mexico and Canada, the consumers are able to find how the term organic is defined within an agricultural context. Continue reading Are We Getting Healthy or Investing in Marketing?

Working out What We Can Afford on the Budget

We have finally got the house, after a long trial of endurance with the seller. He was convinced that he could talk us into paying his asking price. We loved the location of the house, but it needs a lot of work and we simply could not swing what he wanted us to pay for this place. Of course after we pay the down payment we have to have money left over for the other things that we need. For the house we have home owner’s insurance, the monthly bills for ADT security, cable television and the internet along with the cost of maintaining the house and eventually fixing all of the little things and big things that it needs to have done to it. Of course we can live without cable TV for as long as we need to and that is the plan right now. Continue reading Working out What We Can Afford on the Budget