My Mom Deserves a Treat

My mom is a waitress, so she really puts a lot of miles on her feet. She loves her job though and has never considered anything else. She has a good rapport with her customers, she is great friends with the owners, and she makes a killing in tips. I can’t blame her for not wanting to find another job, but that doesn’t make the strain on her feet any less. I wanted to give her a gift I knew she would really appreciate, and a Holland Village pedicure seemed to be what she would probably like the most.

I knew she had never had a pedicure before. I hadn’t ever had one either, so I thought that a day out with a pedicure, a nice lunch and a movie we had both been wanting to see would be a great way to spend her day off. There was no reason for this special girls’ day out, other than I love her and want her to know how much I have appreciated what she has done for the two of us throughout my life. I made appointments for both of us at the pedicure salon, and it was an experience that we both enjoyed immensely.

I think what my mom enjoyed the most was the massage on the foot bath. I can only imagine how that would feel on feet that are used so much every single working day. For me, I really liked the different options for nail polish and designs. I usually just paint my nails a single color, but there were so many different options with this pedicure. By the time we both walked out of the nail salon, we both felt pampered and knew that we were going to do that again. That was a month ago, and my mom is ready to go again now!