Love, a New Apartment and a 22-Acre Lake!

I like the outdoors. That is where I met my wife. She was hiking with her dog on a trail I was on with my dog. Usually, a woman would be leery of meeting a guy on a hiking trail, but it was my dog that was the perfect wing man in this situation even though my dog is a she. Daisy hit it off with Brutus, her dog, right away. A few months later, we are looking for apartments for Wichita KS to rent as soon as we got married.

Our families were not too keen on us getting married so soon after meeting. However, how could we not get married? We both were in the same line of work, which is geology. We both liked all things outdoors including fishing. Also, it was like the Twin Lakes apartments were made specifically for us. There is a 22-acre lake maintained just for the residents. They even stock it with fish. We both enjoy boating, and we swim pretty much every warm day. Here at Twin Lakes, there are five, count them, five saltwater swimming pools!

We have become best friends in a short period of time. Our dogs were best friends in about 10 seconds. It was love at first sniff! For the dogs! For us it was love at first sight. I was all giddy and goofy thinking I made a horrible impression, and she thought the same thing. No, not about me but herself. Now we have a one bedroom place here at Twin Lakes and are enjoying every single day of our existence as one. It does not get any better than this. We like our jobs and thoroughly enjoy this lake home. Seriously, can you think of any other place where you can rent an apartment and have a lake?