Just when I Was About to Give Up

This website helped me when I was about to give up on finding a good deal on cable television www.cable-tv.com/comcast/kansas/wichita/. Who knew how expensive cable television could be. When we moved from one job to another we decided to look up the prices of cable television. My job was relocating me to Kansas and I thought maybe I might get better reception with cable TV over satellite TV.

The last three years I had satellite television and normally it worked out okay, that is until it would rain, and then I would lose all reception. I would be in the middle of my favorite show or movie and a small rain storm would come around and in fact it didn’t even have to be where I lived. As long as the rain was nearby I would lose the picture. Plus another thing that always bothered me was you could only record two shows and one time and one of those shows you had to be watching. I had heard cable television was far more advanced in the DVR’s and I could record up to four shows and watch a fifth one. Not that I probably would use this feature a lot, but it is always nice to have the option.

I went online to do some research about the perfect cable provider in my area and that is when I found your website. Not only did you show me that Comcast cable would be best for me. But I also was able to read about how I could get a great deal on cable internet too. The speeds they were talking about really got me excited because I like to download movies and television shows to watch on my computer. Plus I was able to get a great deal for two years. Success story for me.