It is Getting Tough for Me at School

I have really been at it as hard as I can be. Right now I am studying really hard for my UX design course which is one of the harder courses that I am involved in right now. I have a really heavy course load, but in fact I trying to keep a balance of the really hard stuff with some less challenging courses. It is not as though I have a lot of extra time, but I do have a part time job. I deliver pizzas and work in a pizza parlor, but it is not as though that really works out to be a very significant amount of pay for me. Since I am living at home there is not a big need for money, but I do need to have some money to spend or else I would be living in a real state of misery. Of course I do not have a girlfriend right now and I do not have much time to be blowing much money either.

I might have a girl who is interested, but she is not exactly pushing things and I am not either. It takes money to take a girl out and I rarely have very much of the stuff. I suppose there might be some girls who like to split the cost of a night out, but I have not ever met any of them. At any rate this girl is in my French class and she studies with me in the library from time to time. I sort of think that she expects me to make a move, so I joke about the fact that going out with me would not exactly be like dating Prince Charming. I suppose that I could take you out for a burger and a shake or something like that.