I Tripped on a Toy

When my neighbor asked me if I could babysit her daughter, I had no problems saying yes. I really enjoy being around kids, and my own grandchildren were nearly an hour away. She brought her three year old daughter over before she left for her appointment, and we had such an amazing time together. One of her toys was left by the couch though, and I did not discover it until later that night. I ended up tripping on it, never expecting it to be there. I had to see a chiropractor in Bakersfield because of that trip too.

I did not actually fall on the floor, but I could tell that I was going to hurt for a while because of how my body twisted. At my age, I have learned to not put things off. I would have just waited to see if I could move around easily enough in a day or so, or even longer, years ago. Now though, I knew that something was wrong, and I made an appointment with a chiropractor in Bakersfield. I wanted him to look at my back and hopefully do one of those adjustment things that chiropractors do, because I had heard so many good things from people who have had those done.

I was able to get in there the same day I called, which was really nice. I was in some pain, and I did not want to have to go through another entire day feeling that way. The chiropractor was able to fix me up with one adjustment, but he told me the benefits of having an adjustment done on a regular basis. It did not take much to convince me because I could see just how valuable one is to my body after my first one. I am now a regular patient there, and I am more careful when I babysit at home now too!