I Knew That I Would Need Ongoing Treatments from Experts

I was in a severe vehicle accident, and getting through physical therapy and learning to walk again afterward was traumatizing for me. When I finally got out of the hospital, I could not wait to go see Concord chiropractors who I had been getting treatment from for back problems for years. I knew that they would be a big help for me with all that I had been through with the accident. It was also very relaxing to go to my chiropractic treatments in the past, and I was looking forward to having that feeling again.

I’ve never really loved driving, and I try not to drive as much as possible. My husband loves to drive, so I have always been so grateful to him because he has always been willing to take me to where I need to go in our car. He is a good driver as well, and I trust him. On the night of our car accident, a drunk driver hit us. My husband did his best to try to get us out of the crash as it was happening. The doctors say that, due to his good driving, I am alive. However, he could only do so much and the resulting crash that we did have caused a lot of injuries for me. I have been working hard for many months so that I could walk again ever since then.

I was so happy to be let out of the hospital. I was a little frustrated that I was still having ongoing pain, though. When I was let out of the hospital, they sent me home with pain medication, but it did not work all that well for me. The very same day that I arrived home, I made an appointment at my chiropractor’s office. I told the reception about what had happened previously, and she made sure to slide me into an appointment the very next day.