I Have Been Staying with a Friend

Of course I would sort of feel like a sponge except this guy I am sponging off is so rich that I do not have much worry about it. His mother is an oral surgeon, which is a really sweet racket. His father is just rich from inheriting all sorts of money. He was talking about how he had made an obscene amount of money on his investments, for example he tried to teach me how to trade bitcoin with bitcoin evolution yesterday. That is an app which you use as a bitcoin trader, which is a lot more useful if you have money to spend on that sort of thing. At any rate I started doing some things for him a long time ago, he has this huge yard and he does not know which end of a lawn mower you push. I have been taking care of the yard and the house, all the stuff that a normal guy does on their day off. The place has four bedrooms and there is a huge garage which had a loft above it.

In fact the house itself is pretty much impossible to sleep in some times, there are usually around fifteen or twenty people there on a normal night and half of them end up crashed out for the night after the party ends. I have met a lot of girls here, once in awhile they will wander into the garage and wake me up. Usually there are cases of beer stacked up in the garage and a refrigerator with nothing except beer in it. The amount of drinking done here is absurd and of course I do a little myself when I do not have to get up and work the next morning. I have saved a ton of money not paying rent or for that matter for food either.