I Had to Do What I Could to Make Myself More Interesting

I knew that, in order to further my career, I needed to make the big move to the city where so many political things happen. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly and easily, though. I applied for a job with a high ranking government official, and he picked me to be his assistant! He told me that his office would help me to move into one of the many Washington DC luxury apartments in the area, and that part of the high salary that I would be making would be more than enough money to pay for a luxury pad. After I got the phone call telling me that I got the job, I got us a phone and actually pinch myself. It almost seems too good to be true.

Most people seem to have a lot better luck in life than I do. I have to scratch and bite for everything good that happens to me. For other people, it seems to come so much easier for them. I’m not really sure why that is the case. I have often wondered if it’s because I’m not a glamorous person, or did I don’t have a way of speaking that makes people want to sit up and listen to every single word that I say. So I have learned to dress as but well as I can, and to look as good as I can. I have even taking some classes to learn how to speak in front of other people better. I think that has been helping, and I think that is a good part of why I was able to get this job more easily than other jobs in the past.

I work hard. I work harder than almost anyone I know. So learning how to dress better, look better and speak more eloquently was something that I knew that I needed to at least try to work on if I wanted to see if it would get me further ahead in my work life. It seems that it has paid off for me. It was not easy for me to learn how to look and talk better!