I Am Finally Home from the Hospital

Of course I was pretty lucky that I was with a friend when it happened, because a lot of the time I go out into the back country of BC on my own. The two of us went out with our kayaks and our fishing gear. I took a bear defense pistol, but I was not carrying it when I ran into that bear. Fortunately for me I managed to stay out of it’s way and away from her cub. I still need to find a Vancouver chiropractor because I hurt my back too. Of course it was a pretty good fall that I took, I really thought that bear was laughing at me. I was so focused on not getting in it’s way that I did not see that drop, which was probably close to fifteen or twenty feet on a really steep slope. At first I thought that my leg was broken, but it was just about everything else. There were a fracture and I had a bunch of bruised ribs.

It is going to take me a bit longer to get back on my feet. They spent a couple of days not even letting me move around and I hated it. They had this alarm that would go off when I would put my feet on the floor, which made me furious. Of course they were afraid that I would sue them if I fell down and laid there all night long. I would really wonder if I should be suing people over something that is my fault. It seems like it would be pretty easy for them to show that they tried to keep me off of my feet. Of course I am happy to be able to get around again and I do not mind using a crutch.