Humor to Get You Through

I have been though a lot in my life and my family and friends are always asking me what I am doing in order to stay happy and still fight to stay alive every single day. I knew that it was a lot of fun to laugh all the time when I was really having a hard time. When you smile and laugh you really feel the best when the endorphins are firing. My mom and I were laughing when I saw the Boulevard 88 condo that I wanted for so long was for sale. I was so happy to see that it was a lot lower than I thought it was going to be. I was really happy that the listing went up and I was going to go and look at it right away but I wanted to get my own real estate agent because I wanted to have someone represent me.

I knew that with all I had been through that I was going to go and find the house that was the best for me. I wanted to find a place where I was going to be safe and and feel like I was always going to be happy. I knew that when I walked in that it was going to feel like the right place for me. I had to go over the entire place, to make sure it was the right place for me to make sure that the feeling I was getting walking in was going to be in the entire place. After I walked into the place I bought, I knew it was meant to be mine and I had the same feeling in the entire house when I walked from the front to the back and side to side, plus the yard.