How to Learn Both Sides of Physics

Physics is a subject that is easy for some students and hard for others. For some, it can seem almost impossible to grasp. Good tutoring can make all the difference. I can imagine most of the concepts of physics quite easily, but I have a hard time with working mathematical formulas. My wife can do the math, but has a hard time understanding the concepts. We have the same mix with our children, so we looked at to get them some tutoring to make learning all the aspects of physics interesting and fun.

The subject of gear ratios came up when we were having a discussion about multi-speed bicycles. I can easily grasp how a large sprocket would make a smaller sprocket turn faster when connected with a chain. I can also understand the transfer of force to a connected bicycle wheel that makes it harder to pedal, but you go faster, when the large sprocket is turning the small sprocket. I get it how it is easy to pedal when that is reversed. I can picture it in my head as easy as anything, but my wife cannot. However, if you asked me to do any of the math that explains it, I would not be able to. Physics is funny like that. You have the application and the math together, so this makes it tough for some students to fully understand.

Physics tutoring can bring it all together to help your kids get better grades. If they are struggling, it probably is not anything about intelligence or ability but rather how physics is presented. I never learned the math in school, but I have a sound grasp of the applications of physics. My wife learned the math, but she does not grasp all the applications. Tutoring helps bring both together.