Finding a Home Security System for Our New Home

I recently purchased a house in Las Vegas for my family. We are moving from the farmlands of Kansas to the city that never sleeps. This is going to be a huge change for us as we never even had to lock our doors in Kansas. Since this will be such a large culture shock, getting a home security system is one of my top priorities. While browsing the internet the other day I came upon an advertisement for a national home security company. This was one of those ads that I didn’t mind to “click here” as I know it is a very reputable company. Continue reading Finding a Home Security System for Our New Home

Urban Anonymity Calls for Home Alarm Systems

When you live close to or in a city, you think a lot more about crime than you would if you lived in a rural farming community. It is just common knowledge that more crimes happen in the city. When I was a young child, we did not even lock our doors where we lived. However, I remember visiting my aunt in the city, and she always locked her doors. We got ADT in Memphis when we moved into a more densely populated area. It was pretty much a given. Our neighbors change much more frequently, and I see many people every day that I do not know. I never had much of that growing up. I knew everyone and they knew me.

It’s okay to be strangers in a city. However, the downside is that it allows the criminal element to hide in plain sight. Anyone that would have gone poking around back where I grew up would have been stopped and questioned by a concerned neighbor. They might have gotten a “Hey stranger,” but they would definitely have been scrutinized. Close to and in the city, people are pretty much anonymous. Continue reading Urban Anonymity Calls for Home Alarm Systems