The Home of Great Music

My friend and I would get together in our parents garages to play in our band. We’ve been a band for two years, and in the winter, we’re going to be releasing our first song. Our parents couldn’t stand it when we played our instruments, because we were always too loud for them. They told us that if we wanted to keep staying with them, we would have to stop playing. Tired of their rules about our instruments, we looked for apartments for rent in Jackson MS so that we would have our own place to make music.

Once we found the right apartment, our parents helped us pack up our things and move. Continue reading The Home of Great Music

Love, a New Apartment and a 22-Acre Lake!

I like the outdoors. That is where I met my wife. She was hiking with her dog on a trail I was on with my dog. Usually, a woman would be leery of meeting a guy on a hiking trail, but it was my dog that was the perfect wing man in this situation even though my dog is a she. Daisy hit it off with Brutus, her dog, right away. A few months later, we are looking for apartments for Wichita KS to rent as soon as we got married.

Our families were not too keen on us getting married so soon after meeting. However, how could we not get married? We both were in the same line of work, which is geology. We both liked all things outdoors including fishing. Also, it was like the Twin Lakes apartments were made specifically for us. Continue reading Love, a New Apartment and a 22-Acre Lake!

I Did Not Want to Live in a House Anymore

When my husband passed away two years ago, I just figured i would stay in our house. I could afford it because he made sure I was taken care of with a life insurance policy. I realized I did not like living there on my own. People thought it was the memories, but I actually took comfort in those. I just did not like all the work that is associated with living in a house. That is why I started looking at apartments and finally was satisfied when I looked at

It is not that I am lazy, but I am also not cut out for yard work and small repairs. Continue reading I Did Not Want to Live in a House Anymore