A Temporary but Very Nice Apartment

Starting over is never easy, but I found out that it does not always have to be hard either. My wife and I are actually very blessed because we were not home when our house caught on fire. We had our twin sons and their dog with us on an outing, so we did not lose anyone, which is the biggest blessing of all. It did mean we had to look at apartments for rent in Rio Rancho quickly though because it was just too inconvenient for us to live in the hotel that our insurance company was paying for.

We definitely wanted another house one day, but we were not going to rush into buying one without taking our time looking at everything. Faulty wiring was the cause of the fire where we had lived, so we were even considering building from the ground up so we knew everything would be right. We still needed a place to live temporarily though, which is why we decided to look at apartments. Continue reading A Temporary but Very Nice Apartment