An App to Help Feed the Hungry

I have always been the type of person who wants to help others. When my husband was promoted to one of the highest positions in his company, this freed up my time to do the charity work that I had on my heart. One of the things I wanted to do was help those who did not have a lot of money for food. There is so much waste at restaurants because they prepare more than enough food, and then they throw the excess away. I talked with someone who does app development in Singapore to see if it would be possible to create an app where these restaurants could let me know when they have excess food.

The goal was to pick the food up and deliver it to a charity that would be able to give it to people who were hungry. To me, food belongs in the belly of a hungry person rather than in a dumpster. The person I talked with was able to tweak my idea into a great app. I then approached some charities first to make sure they wanted this surplus of food, which all three said they did.

My next step was to go to local restaurants and explain to the owners what I wanted to do. I was not surprised when every single one of them thought it was a great idea. They don’t like the idea of waste either, and I suspect that some of them even prepare more food just so their donations can be more too. It is an easy app to use, and there are several other volunteers who help me to pick all of it up on a daily basis. I would much rather be doing this than having a spa day or out shopping with all my free time!