A Gorgeous House with a Beautiful View

After looking at quite a few rentals, I finally knew that I wanted to focus just one the Kona luxury rentals that I had seen. The location is absolutely perfect for a family holiday, and I knew that either of the two houses would be amazing for all of us to stay in. When I say all of us, I mean my wife and I along with our two kids, my brother and his wife and their two kids, and my sister and her husband who do not have any kids yet.

We only need five bedrooms even though there are three couples and four children because my daughter and my brother’s daughter want to room together, and our sons want to room together as well. I ended up going with the Kahua Kohola Estate because of the pictures mainly. I did like that it had more bathrooms than bedrooms, but the entire layout of the rental property is perfect for all of us. The house is right on the beach, so we have spectacular views throughout the day. Since two of us are photographers, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Also, there is a huge pool in the back along with a couple of spa pools, and the room inside is extremely spacious. Even though there are ten of us, it just does not feel crowded even if we are all in the same room together. My wife and my sister are the designated chefs, and they have told my brother in law and I that they are getting new kitchens at home after experiencing this one. This is such a peaceful place to go for a holiday, and I have a feeling that this is not going to be our last time here, not if any of the ten of us have anything to say about it.